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Not only is our subtitling service provided in 20+ global languages. From scheduling, assigning the most suitable partner, subtitle creation and QC to delivery, we work consistently within the time frame and safe environment. We make sure that the subtitles are precise, free of error, and catered to by our team of professionals in a smooth process supported by latest technology. 


Just like subtitling, our dubbing work process passes through connecting to the best quality vendor, translation, recording, and mixing. We strive to keep the project content adaptation as close to the original meaning as possible. We work with a number of top-rank vendors and maintain a relationship with major TV networks and producers to provide that the projects stand in full compliance with international standards. The result is a professionally carried out service that meets any expectations and appeals to a wide audience range in any language requested. 




We connect to the best audio and post-production companies to make localization into any requested language possible. Our team of editors are dedicated to maintaining high efficiency of work to provide the best results possible at a fast turn around. English, Russian, Spanish, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Tagalog are among the languages we often receive inquiries about.


We make sure that our clients are provided with high quality, competitively priced audio description services for many types of contents, including TV series, TV shows, movies, children's shows, documentaries, etc. 

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As with all services, we make it a priority that all projects go through an extensive, step-by-step quality control process overlooked by our team of trained professionals. We rely on an automated system that helps to provide the almost error-free end results. Our dedicated team controls the output to bring the quality of work to perfection. Our highly trained language specialists who speak several languages at a native level nit-pick what the automated process overlooks - the language nuances and cultural references are carefully attended to in an individualized approach. 


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