Based in Seoul, the booming capital of South Korea and the heart of unique and globally recognized contents, Nexus International Contents works to connect countries, nations, and continents through top quality post-production, localization, and distribution services.

From 2009, Nexus has placed itself at the forefront of contents localization and distribution. Although we manage our workflow from South Korea, our contents have reached far beyond. 


In the times when Korean and other Asian contents experience a popularity boom incurred by rising global demand, Nexus strives to become a leading company in the localization and post-production fields able to cater to the various demands of global audiences. Our up-to-date technology paired with an automated security and management system, years of experience, and a home-grown talent pool make it possible to readily deliver to our customers.

Who we are


Multilanguage service

We work with 20+ languages every day. Our global team of home experts boast a proficiency in 13+ languages, including English, Korean, Japanese, Hindi, Spanish, Bahata Indonesia, and Polish. Global, niche or not, language is not a limitation. 


pool of experts

Our dedicated team is comprised of professionals of Korean and international backgrounds. We believe that technology together with specialists able to provide cultural insights and to work in-depth with cultural nuances guarantee best quality of services.

management and delivery

As much as we rely the human element in our work process, we do build upon a cloud management support system to ensure that your contents are secure and our workflow is transparent and delivered according to deadlines.  

what makes us unique

Don't ask us what we do, let us ask you first: What can we do for you?


Our goal is to provide and maintain the most efficient customer service, a smooth delivery process, and competitive rates while steadily growing our network of trusted customers and business partners. 

Nexus is not merely a connection hub, we are a medium that connects cultures through contents. Today and everyday, we strive to make sure that our services equal your success.

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THE nexus family

In today's fast-changing media world, NEXUS helps our partners stay hyper-connected with global consumers. For content owners and distributors, expanding global reach means more exposure, more incremental revenues, more engaged consumers. There should be no reason why content is not accessible and consumed by a global audience.


At Nexus International Contents (NIC), we have the experienced team and the  capabilities to enable content owners, producers and platforms to maximize their  global reach.