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On this page, you have access to our latest portfolio and brochure, which includes our long-time clientele and current add-ons. Managing changes and updates in the localization industry is difficult, which is why we have a trustworthy and talented global team of experts that works hard to put together the best, just for you! We would love for you to share the materials provided below, with your team members and your trusted partner networks! 

In the below downloadable, we have included everything about our services, who we are, what NEXUS stands for and the clients we have worked with, both in the domestic and the international markets. The following is a breakdown of work completed for international OTT platforms organized by language and type of work, i.e. subtitling or dubbing, as well as a summary of the challenges that we faced and the solutions that we used to successfully complete the work.


Download our latest Company Brochure!

Through our company portfolio, you can better understand our workflow, the kind of projects we take on, our library, achievements, etc! We are proud to say that we have partnered with Amazon, Disney+, Netflix, and other such platforms to deliver localized content to the world. OOONA allows us to unify all proper nouns and key phrases within the content across multiple translators and QCers.


Download our latest Company Profile!

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